Voluntary Confinement: House

Voluntary Confinement: House 2014


The foundation of my work lies in the sphere of sensation and is spurred by a preoccupation with our structures of inhabitation and the delicacies of time. I create immersive sculptures and environments, photographs, and video works that linger on the often unnoticed spaces, corners and moments. The sites that inform my work range from empty home interiors to razed foundations, from historically important sites such as the Pruitt Igoe to prison chambers. Habitats are permeated by histories of those who live there. Dwellings retain a residue, which cannot be described or illuminated through their stories alone. In this way, their pasts are unknowable. My works attempt to echo these unknowables: the subterranean, the invisible, the indeterminate. I do not attempt to demystify or fictionalize them, but to highlight their existence. I seek to draw attention to presence within our structures of inhabitation and evoke an empathetic response to space. The complications of capturing experience form the primary matter I am investigating.


Thesis Project Concept & Plan – see below



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