The Riots (crash)

The Riots (crash). Graphite on paper, 50 x 35″

Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid. Charcoal on paper, 45 x 65″

            My work engages the relationship between legibility and opacity in social and political images. Recent projects focus on the painterly gaze of colonialism, forensic analysis of archeological remains, aesthetic connections between sporting events and political demonstrations, machine vision and false color, and the facelessness of portraiture. Each of these works investigates the ways social and political systems obscure original events while exposing the extreme penetrability and precariousness of bodies organized by forced migrations, police actions, and athletic contests. My current project aims to record these bodies, both present and absent, caught between the regulating effects of biopower (bodies organized, legitimized, and controlled in sporting events) and the annihilating force of necropolitics (resistant bodies starved in civil wars, occupied territories, or refugee camps). In these spaces where the visible and invisible, absence and presence make contact, the viewer encounters both the contemporary moment and the vestige of a past that continues to haunt it.


Native Portrait (family). Gouache on inkjet print, 18 x 12″


Native Portrait (school). Gouache on inkjet print, 13 x 19″


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