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I create multimedia works as resistance to Black oppression in colonial America. In detail my drawing, painting, comics, writings and performances examine Black culture and the Black body as a technology from past to speculative future in a narrative that addresses ideas and the intricacy of love, sex, religion and decolonialism.

I illustrate the conflicts of integration, miseducation, unresolved slavery, unresolved emancipation and Black people’s lack of ability to self-organize and self-govern. In considering the complexity of pop cultural Black exploitation (ie. comic books, Hip-Hop Wives, Scandel, True Blood) I create works that dismantle disseminated ideas of derogatory Black relations, pacificity and docility.

By contradicting these stereotypes through a counter assessment of the latter misrepresentations of Black existence I teeter the edge of celebration/exploitation of Black culture with a use of postmodern appropriations. By utilizing cultural symbols, machinery and non-human life forms as survivalist metaphors for the Black experience, I revere Black culture while confronting the traumatic results of colonialism.

Some of my recent work as the collaborative team ‘Black Kirby’ in conjunction with artist John Jennings deconstructs the work of artist Jack Kirby to reimagine Black resistance spaces inspired by Hip Hop, religion, the arts and sciences, through self-created comic books, gallery exhibitions and lectures. Our 2-dimensional work is helping to establish an independent multicultural productive space with Rosarium Publishing. In this 3-dimensional space the lack of creativity awarded in the mainstream speculative fiction arena can be actualized.

I create visual “utopias” (ideal spaces of peace). These visual spaces are meant as inspiration to imagine endless possibilities of Black existence away from colonial factors. From these ideal spaces I seek to create real 3-dimensional places where open communication can take place resulting in Black liberation. Paramount is escaping the influence of misrepresentation by creating spaces of healing, empowerment, organization and government which I argue, hasn’t taken place uninterrupted anywhere globally in the last several centuries.

_Stacey Robinson

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