I am an artist inviting you to find your distractions, to sing your guilty pleasures loudly without inhibition, to dance unabashedly in public, to play wildly, and come celebrate the richness of our humanity together; I am inviting you to find your disobedience, to rupture a civil responsibility that has harnessed your inclinations, offering a moment to unbind our complexities and experiences from the continual categorizations that have kept us apart.  With a world built so already loud and bright, my work must be louder and more brilliant, brighter and more offensive to offer you your utopia.  It is in this loudness present within the cacophony of mediated science and politics that I wish to reignite the furtive imaginations and weirdo possibilities that we were taught to caution and abandon.  The context of material, color, and pattern encode my events based practice, where I seek to attract and gather people through a super collision of cultural abundance that, seemingly without filter, collects the odd realities of our pop culture appetites.  My work can be described as no less cosplay weirdness mixed with anime than staged spectacle of wrestling roleplaying.  Nor is it simply an urban booty shaking disaster miming circus vaudeville or a drag performance that serves as a tribute to Beyoncé, Transformers, Pokémon, and mermaids.  It necessarily has to defy easy classification while serving as an odd mating call that appeals to tendencies that would be considered perverse or socially unacceptable. PLUSH, specifically, is a series that operates as an enabler and project about invading and reclaiming spaces.  The person who dons it hopefully feels empowered or transformed beyond normal human characterization.  It is a wearable object that seeks to augment the individual who wears it.  It is armor and camouflage as well as costume and weapon.  It seeks to blur the boundaries of cultural differences as well as body and gender.

In this, I am looking to exploit exploitation and amplify the ridiculousness of social institutions that regulate our behaviors while enchanting us under the guise of scientific progress.  I am not distracting you to forget; I am trying to remind us of the intersections of our identities that unite us while trying to spark new possibilities and an imagination we have yet to see.



    Tommy has already been paired with a writer for this publication.


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